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Korištenje javne prometnice motornim vozilom s najmane četiri točka i najvećom dozvoljenom težinom više od 3,5 tona (u daljem tekstu „vozilo u sustavu elektronske cestarine“) podliježe naplati cestarine. 

Naplatom ceste i Sekcije su delimitated prometnim znakovima
(Autoceste - autocesta - Cestovni naplatom)

Za preuzimanje

Electronic tolling system

Operation of the electronic tolling system in the Czech Republic is based on modern microwave technology, which has absolutely no negative impacts on the environment.

Vehicles that are subject to the toll must be equipped with a small electronic device - the premid unit- which communicates with the tolling system. A fee for the use of a specific tolled section of a road is charged when a toll transaction occurs, i.e., when a vehicle passes under the tolling station that corresponds to said tolled section.

The obligation to pay toll applies even if no toll transaction is registered when passing through a particular tolling station but the records in the electronic tolling system indicate that the vehicle that is subject to the toll has used the tolled section of the road in question.

Toll rates for the use of 1 km of a tolled road are stipulated by Czech Government Regulation No. 26/2010 Coll. The rate depends on the number of axles and the emissions class of the vehicle. The amount to be paid for the use of a particular tolled section is calculated as a multiple of the applicable rate and the length of the section - see e.g. table of toll rates applicable to tolled sections

When passing through a toll gantry, an acoustic signal from the onboard electronic device - the premid unit alerts the driver that the toll has been properly recorded. The driver can use any lane without having to reduce the vehicle’s speed or stop. The tolling process is fully automatic and requires no intervention on the part of the driver.

Electronic toll collection is fair

In addition to the above-mentioned legal framework, operation of the electronic tolling system is also subject to Decree No. 527/2006 Coll. of the Czech Ministry of Transport, Czech Government Regulation No. 484/2006 Coll., and the General Business Terms and Conditions of the Operator of the Electronic tolling system. The road user shall comply with the General Business Terms and Conditions as of the moment of registration.

The amount of the prescribed toll is the sum of the toll value for all toll sections driven on a road that is subject to tolling. Domestic and foreign road users are charged the same amount. Road users are the owners of the vehicles that are subject to tolling, or their representatives based on power of attorney, or the drivers of the vehicles that are subject to tolling.

Electronic toll collection is made possible by the premid onboard unit. All vehicles subject to tolling must be equipped with this unit (this includes all vehicles that are exempt from the toll). Vehicles with metallised windshields must be equipped with the premid plus onboard unit, which is equipped with an external antenna.

(Additional information on where and how a premid onboard unit must be installed in a vehicle is available in the Instructions for Use of the Premid Onboard Unit (Premid Guide), or in the Instructions for the Installation of the External Antenna (Premid Plus Guide).

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