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Group of questions concerning the on board units (OBU)

My registration number has been changed (due to loss, theft, etc.). Is it necessary to change the OBU?

YES. The OBU includes i.a. the registration number. After the registration number has been changed it is necessary to change the OBU as well (return the old one and pick up the new one). The change takes place for free (provided the original unit is returned as required).

The OBU with pre-paid may be changed at any Distribution or Contact Point. The OBU with post-pay at Contact Points only.

The same procedure also applies at change of the emission class, number of axles and naturally vehicle operator.

Do I have to take the OBU off and put it to a sleeve while travelling abroad?

NO. You do not have to put the OBU to a sleeve or take it off the windscreen of your vehicle while travelling abroad. The OBU is designed to be used in the Czech Republic only, it is permanently in a sleeping mode in other countries.

There will be no toll invoicing while driving any local toll communication abroad, even in case should the OBU peep.

How to use the sleeve for the OBU received at its release?

The sleeve prevents from toll prescription in exceptional cases when the toll is not to be charged by law. It e.g. concerns transport of unit by any other vehicle. If you only transport the unit, you must put it and seal it in the sleeve. You may require the sleeve at any Distribution or Contact Point.

Put the unit in the sleeve and fold and stick up the tab.

Units transported without a sleeve may communicate with toll stations. By this, toll may be prescribed upon them although it should not have been charged. This toll will not be returned: any eventual complaint will be refused (see the Electronic Toll Guide Book).

What rules do apply for setting of number of vehicle axles on the onboard unit (OBU)?

Setting of the basic vehicle category (without trailer or semi-trailer) takes place at registration according to information provided by you. Any increase in the number of axles is done by the driver prior vehicle entering the tolled communication according to actual number of axles of the tandem vehicle – including trailer and semi-trailers and axles in elevated position attached! The vehicle driver is responsible for the number of axles set correctly. Information on correct setting is available at webportal in the "How to get OBU" tab.

(Provision of § 13 of Notice No. 470/2012 relating to these issues states the following: The driver enters at each information change prior use of the tolled communication: information on the number of all axles according to information in the registration book of the vehicle or registration books of the tandem vehicle in the electronic equipment. Does not apply to vehicles M2 and M3)

I have handed over or changed a non-functional onboard unit. The security, however, has not been returned to me. Why?

Prior money return it is necessary to verify whether the onboard unit is really defective be reasons of accidental failure and not for instance damaged by user' s fault. In order to ensure as quick money return as possible it is necessary to fill out the complaint form and send it to the MYTO CZ address along with the copy of the security forfeiture document.

Attaching on-board unit in the vehicle – Velcro fasteners

 Velcro fasteners are only issued with new or recycled units. To attach the OBU in the vehicle, only self-adhesive Velcro 3M - SJ3560 has to be used (Type 250).

Trying to attach the device in a different way may cause its damage (another Velcro fastener, glue stains, etched surface, damaged barcode, mechanical damage), and consequently it will not be possible to issue the device to another user. For this reason, the deposit will not be returned, there will be a forfeiture of deposit. 

Group of questions concerning the invoicing process

In my invoice there is lower amount of toll passed for period invoiced than displayed on the electronic statement of toll transactions in the Internet self-service. How is that possible?

It may happen that information is transferred for processing after invoicing closing for the expired period at some toll transactions. The final toll sections may not be invoiced in a specific month, they will be subject to invoicing in the following month.

You may also sometime register partial differences between information on the electronic statement of toll transactions in the Internet self-service between individual days and amounts invoiced. It, however, does not concern a fault at invoicing of the toll passed, the information will be shown on the electronic statement.

Shall I pay an invoice regularly sent by the Road and Motorway Directorate of the CR if I have concluded the Post-Pay Conditions Agreement with the so-called "Fleet Card payment"?

Do not pay it, that invoice is just of information character and serves as a tax document.

I am a carrier making payments in the post pay mode (post-pay with a bank guarantee). How shall I proceed if I want to change the invoice period?

If you want to change the invoicing period, please send page No. 2 of your "Post-Pay Conditions Agreement" with appropriately modified information (in two copies) + accompanying letter with request for change (1 copy) to the MYTO CZ address.

We also recommend that you verified whether the height of your bank guarantee needed to cover the liability against electronic toll system operator would not change in connection with the invoice period change.

Is it enough to send the money for invoice for toll payment on the day of its maturity?

No, the amount sent by you for toll payment must already be put to account of the electronic toll system operator on the day of its maturity. At payment it is necessary to take the time necessary for bank-to-bank transfers into account.

I want to pay direct debit. What account numbers shall I report to the bank?

For purposes of direct debit payment of toll please report authorisation of direct debit for toll to the two below-mentioned accounts to your bank. (Notice: it is necessary to specify both of the accounts!)

  • 166951383/0300
  • 166951033/0300

You will also provide the workers at the Contact Point (CP) with your account in IBAN form – however, without spaces!

Group of questions concerning the supplementary toll

I want to pay toll due, where, when and how shall I do that?

If no toll transaction has been recorded at passing the toll point at a tolled communication section, you are obliged to pay the missing toll at the nearest Distribution Point (DP) or Contact Point (CP) as soon as possible. The current list of Contact and Distribution Points can be found at webportalu.

Note: The OBU informs you at toll gantry passing through acoustic signals of whether the toll transaction has or has not taken place appropriately:

  • 1x beep – toll transaction has taken place appropriately.
  • 2x beeps – toll transaction has taken place appropriately, however, the onboard unit signals low balance on your account. We recommend charging your account.
  • 4x beeps – toll transaction has not taken place, please visit any Distribution or Contact Point.
  • No beep – toll transaction has not taken place, please visit any Distribution or Contact Point.

How can I find out which toll sections I shall pay off?

We recommend that you compared records in your logbook with the electronic statement of your toll transactions that you may see in the Internet self-service. (Alternatively, you may have the statement of your toll transactions sent in written form by post for a fee. Sending may be requested for at MYTO CZ, P.O.Box 33, Praha 3, 130 11, or at telephone number  800 698 629 .) Both statements, however, are only available in case you are the so-called registered user: see the Group of questions concerning toll transaction statements.

Or you may enter information on the route passed in the toll calculator at webportal. The calculator will show a route with toll sections that you again may compare with your statements in the logbook.

Can I pay off the toll due by invoice?

You cannot pay off the toll due by invoice. The toll is only paid off at any Contact Point (CP) or Distribution Point (DP). Either in cash or by payment or Fleet Cards accepted (the current list of cards accepted as well as the list of Contact and Distribution Points can be found at webportal)

I am a carrier paying the toll in the post pay mode (post pay payment). Can I have the toll transactions due (toll due, toll paid incorrectly) transferred to invoice for the following month?

You are only allowed to pay the toll amount due at any Distribution or Contact Point - cash, payment card, Fleet Card, etc. The current list of Contact Points (CP) and Distribution Points (DP) can be found at webportal. The toll amount due may not be transferred to payments for the following month.

Group of questions concerning payment of fines and complaints

I do not want to pay fine for toll offence. Can a complaint be filed against its imposition?

If you are detained by customs administration workers you may discuss your offence and impose a fine provided that:

  • they have detected injurious conduct
  • agreement is not enough
  • you are willing to pay the penalty on the spot.

By imposing and payment the fine on the spot the matter is lawfully terminated and it may not be appealed against its imposition. If the offence is not satisfied on the spot by a fine the customs administration workers inform the customs authority that will initiate administrative procedure with you.

I want the fine for toll offence already paid to be returned to me. What shall I do?

If a fine has been imposed on you and you have already paid it, the matter is lawfully terminated hereby and it may not further be appealed against penalty imposition. If a fine is imposed on you by decision in the administrative procedure you may appeal – within set term - at a customs body that has rendered that decision. An appeal filed in time has a deferring effect. These issues are discussed in more details by Act No. 200/1990 Coll. on offences as amended by subsequent regulations and Act No. 500/2004 Coll., Administration Rules, as amended by subsequent regulations.

I had driven without the onboard unit (or incorrect number of vehicle axles had been set at it). I have been detained by customs administration workers and imposed a fine that I have paid. Is the offence settled by that?

By payment of the fine you are not acquitted of duty to pay off the toll due, i.e. it is necessary to visit any Contact or Distribution Point and pay off the toll due.

What is needed at money return to abroad?

It is necessary – at filing the complaint or failure ticket - that you specify IBAN, BIC (SWIFT), the bank name and account name and where money should be sent to. You may file the complaint through the Call Centre, at any Contact point or by post. However, fees for payment to abroad will be deducted from the amount returned).

How shall a carrier proceed when he receives an order subject to a group not liable to toll payment (e.g. transport of disabled persons, works on removal of a pile-up crash on call of state bodies, etc.)?

If you have received such an order file a complaint – following payment of toll passed – of amount returning with a written documentation of why you ask for exemption from toll liability. Appropriate state body or institution that have asked you for such service and are exempted by the law from toll payment liability (e.g. Police CR, Fire-brigade of the Czech Republic and other institutions according to Act No. 13/1997 Coll. § 20a) Article 1) must provide you (confirm to you) with a written document.

The list of all institutions exempted can also be found on appropriate form with Request for issue of a permid unit exempted from toll payment (the form can be found at www.premid.cz in the Services/Download section).

Group of questions concerning toll transaction statements

Can toll transactions of all types of onboard units be shown at webportal?

No, you can only see toll transactions at registered onboard units at webportal in the so-called Internet self-service section. The units in the post pay mode (paid by invoice) are registered automatically. Following registration of a pre pay unit you must enter an 11-letter unit code and a 19-letter local PAN code included in each receipt.

How can I get back statements of my toll transactions?

There are more ways to get the back statement of toll transactions designed for various cases and user categories of the electronic toll system (the condition, however, always is that you have an onboard unit registered).

Ways to obtain statements of toll transactions:

  • Electronic statement of toll transactions – printing

Electronic form of the detailed statement of toll transactions may be printed without any fee in the self-service zone at webportal in three formats (.xls; .txt; .csv).

  • Electronic statement of toll transactions – wound up account

You can monitor the electronic form of the detailed statement of toll transactions up to 180 days from account closing, i.e. from onboard unit returning.

  • Sending of the detailed statement of toll transactions by post

You may have the detailed statement of toll transactions sent by post – only in printed form for a fee that is included in the tariff at webportal.

The back post statement of toll transactions of the electronic toll system user that has terminated a contract in the so-called "registered pre-pay mode" and returned the onboard unit (OBU):

If the electronic toll system user has stopped using the electronic toll system and handed over the onboard unit, he/she unfortunately may not be provided with a printed back statement of toll transactions. His/her account is already closed and is not available. This service is only provided to active registered users.

I want to get the back statement of my toll transactions. However, I have a non-registered onboard unit (I pay the toll in the so-called non-registered pre-pay mode). What shall I do?

In case you have chosen payment in the so-called non-registered pre pay mode you cannot monitor the toll transactions like that as there is necessary information missing in the system. In such a case you may have the list of final current toll transaction printed at the nearest Contact Point (CP) or Distribution Point (DP) instead of an electronic toll system.

If you are interested in the service of statement of toll transactions in the pre pay mode please register at webportal in the so-called Internet self-service in the Registration in the self-service for pre pay webportal holders section. (Alternatively, it is possible to register at the nearest Contact Point. The current list of Contact Points and their addresses can be found at webportal)

The service of back statement of toll transactions is available by the moment of registration.

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